The End Of The Traditional Education System Essay

The End Of The Traditional Education System Essay

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Reformation - The End of the Traditional Education System

In every level of education, long lectures lead up into a test that decides a massive portion of the course’s grade. There is a study grind for the indefinite future that forces students into repeating this elongated and strenuous process. Of course, this has been the long standing standard of education. Liken it to pre-21st century video games. People grind and grind until they either lose all their progress and feel defeated or they accomplish their goal after all of the suffering they had to go through. However, just like there is a new generation of gaming standards, there is also a generation that grew up alongside this new reward system. Since the turn of the century, the children of the Net Generation, the generation that grew alongside the internet boom, have become intertwined with the learning methods utilized by digital technology. Such technology was highly influential in the generation’s learning experience as times were changing from analog to digital. Again, look at the games that have come out after the 21st century. Most have short term goals and build on the instant gratification that comes with short term goals. The Net Generation shows signs of this as more and more of them are able to work most efficiently when they are rewarded immediately after accomplishing a small task (Carlson 4). It is a sign of a much needed change, to reform the current educational system so that by the time that the first wholly digital-influenced generation enters school, they will be entering into familiar and comforting territory.
As a product of the Net Generation’s technologically influenced childhood, they are able to interpret information quickly and efficiently, ...

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...bute when they can and have no scheduling conflicts. Efficiency is key, by moving things online, like homework, it allows for increased group activity and also allows for legible text instead which eliminates a possible way to make a mistake. Another thing to note is that with the implementation of digital technologies in the classroom, it adds a familiarity to the course materials and allows for students to use resources that they can utilize to the utmost efficiency to increase productivity. Also, by implementing digital technologies into their lives, it fully accentuates their individual abilities as they are able to accomplish things with their own ability and managing themselves extremely well as a result (Carlson 3). It is important to realize the potential that comes with catering to the needs and to implement lesson plans that effectively impact the classroom.

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