The End Of The 18th Century Essay

The End Of The 18th Century Essay

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The end of the 18th century saw for Europe a period of rapid change that not only drastically changed the lifestyles of the people of Europe at the time, but shaped the lives and lifestyles of the entire Western World more than two centuries later. Starting in the United Kingdom and expanding outward, this movement redefined commerce throughout Europe; and here we are in 2016, with nearly every aspect of our lifestyles made in response to this movement. I’m referring of course to the Industrial Revolution: the transition of new and more efficient manufacturing processes that began right at the end of the 1700s. Society became more and more dependent on technology as jobs that were usually done at home began to transition to being done en masse in enormous factories. We study the Industrial Revolution in History class; and of course we continue to live lives that are highly dependent on factory-manufactured products today, from our shoes to our clothes and, these days, even to our food. All this shaped by the Industrial Revolution. Oh, and lest we forget cell phones. And laptops. And iPads. And flat-screen TVs. And a host of other gadgets. Today, in 2016, we find ourselves in the middle of another revolution: what I’ll be referring to as the Electronic Revolution.

If I asked you what you would do if, just now, you realised that you’d forgotten your cell phone at home, this is how I imagine the scenario would go down. You’d frown, check your bag or your pocket, and, upon noticing that you couldn’t find that cell phone, you would break into complete panic mode. Because you’d ask yourself, now what do I do? How do I sit through another lecture in French class without being able to check my text messages, scroll through tumblr, and lo...

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...n and patience. Today’s world is one that is constantly rushing, we can never seem to take the time to do anything anymore. A CBC radio documentary aired late in 2015 noted the fact that most people these days don’t even tend to read things anymore, but skim passages. This is due to the fact that more and more reading is done online. Since all newspapers publish their articles online for free, most people would rather not buy a physical newspaper from the store. However, when we read online, distractions ensue with emails pouring in and we tend to grow bored more quickly. I’m not suggesting we all sit and have hour-long Mindful Moments each day, but it’s alarming to realise just how much pressure society puts us under; this pressure has reached the point that we no longer seem to have the patience we should, and our ever-growing dependence on technology is to blame.

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