End of the Space Shuttle Program: An American Financial Voyage Essays

End of the Space Shuttle Program: An American Financial Voyage Essays

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NASA’s Shuttle Program also known as the Space Transportation System, was the first winged manned spacecraft operation to have achieved orbit and land, also the first to use reusable spacecrafts and make multiple flights into various orbits. Although the shuttle program took America to a heighten achievement of orbital transportation, recent closure of the program has baffled many Americans and left questions about the future of the American space missions. The closure of the program by the Obama administration is a short-term allocation of government funds that should be better understood as a strategic move to improve the future stability of the American economy. The budget cuts are part of having a balanced budget that will recuperate the current economic situation in America, the cuts can also be depicted as position the government has led programs to newly reorganize their agendas and better manage the establishments. NASA stands proud of the staple 30 years the Shuttle Program made in achievements, goals, and innovation into prosperous future of Space travel; it is also compromised to keep succeeding the agenda with current missions.
NASA’s Space Shuttle Program or Space Transportation System (STS) was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration a federal executive branch. NASA coordinated and managed the STS program and also oversaw all space flight requirements for both civilian and commercial uses. Its missions involved carrying large payloads to various orbits, provided crew rotation for the International Space Station, and performed service missions, like the updating of all technical hardware and software.
The program started in the late 1960s, when NASA began the early Shuttle program studies. ...

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