The End Of The Second World War Essay

The End Of The Second World War Essay

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Question one: Détente policies
The end of the Second World War led to an era of enmity and mistrust between the USSR and the United States of America. The influence of USSR in Eastern Europe created fear among Americans who believed it was a move to control the world. The buildup of arms in the two countries was a clear indication that the world was becoming a dangerous place to live. In the early 1970s, Détente policies were developed to manage the tension witnessed during the cold war. In this regard, Détente policies were made to control the competition between the USSR and the USA. The two countries signed several agreements for the purpose of lessening growing tension (Levack, Muir & Veldman, 2011).
The Détente policies had a significance impact as far as the politics of the world are concerned. As a matter of fact, the policies led to the weakening of USSR. In this regard, USSR states were freed from bad leadership since the USSR leaders used force to control the member states. Moreover, the ideology of communism threatened to create political instability in the region since undemocratic tactics were used to curb rebellion of civil society groups against the government. Most importantly, the policies helped to enhance regulations for nuclear weapons. Eventually, USA emerged as the only superpower hence marking the end of cold war.
Question 2: Palestine Liberation Organization – PLO
Palestine Liberation Organization was formed in 1964 to address historical injustices committed against the Palestinians. In this regard, the ancestral land was the source of conflict between Palestinians and Israelites. The big question is: was violence justified for the formation of the organization? Well, the Arab League believed the organizat...

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...chill in Europe. The oratory skills of Churchill created a wave of social change across Europe because he exposed the dangers of USSR policies. According to Churchill, freedom and democratic rights were important aspects of social and political development. Most importantly, Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1953 for his role in the literature (Levack, Muir & Veldman, 2011).
In conclusion, Winston Churchill influenced Western culture in many ways. He used his talents to communicate important issues that affected social, economic and political development in Europe. As a matter of fact, he managed to develop a counter-narrative that portrayed USSR policies in a negative way. In the end, the philosophy of Churchill shaped the future of Europeans in a great way. As a matter of fact, his ideologies diluted the influence of USSR policies in western culture. 

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