Essay on The End Of The French Revolution

Essay on The End Of The French Revolution

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Upon the end of the French Revolution, the British Empire realized major reorganization was necessary and began to issue new restrictions on the colonies. These restrictions quickly became unpopular and increased the colonials’ opposition towards British rule; which, then led to an intensified need for separation and self-government.
It began with the Proclamation of 1763 which was issued by the British government in fear of further fighting with the Indians. The Proclamation forbade colonists from moving westward beyond the Appalachian Mountains. However, it was ineffective at stopping white movement into Indian Territory because the settlers refused to follow it and the British authorities failed to enforce boundaries on expansion. The same year, a group of frontiersmen from Pennsylvania recognized as the Paxton Boys went down to Philadelphia to show their discontent by demanding tax relief and financial support as compensation for their protection against the Indians. Fortunately, there was no bloodshed thanks to a compromise between them and the colonial assembly. In the following years, the Prime Minister, George Greenville, attempted to increase British dominance in the colonies in a variety of ways. He felt the colonists should pay a part of the cost of defending and administering the empire. Especially at this point in time where they were so heavily in debt after the war and the landlords along with the merchants of England refused to pay any more taxes. Many officials believed the only way to meet the empire’s monetary needs was to directly tax the American’s, despite their obvious unwillingness to pay for the war. Thus, the Greenville ministry issued the Sugar Act of 1764 and the Currency Act of 1764. The Sugar Act no...

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... the “Boston Tea Party”. Parliament saw this as rebellion and retaliated with the Intolerable Acts.
By this point in time, colonial leaders had already begun developing new sources of authority and unknowingly forming the basis for a government separate from English monarchy. They had decided that the Intolerable Acts threated the liberties of every American and issued a Continental Congress instead of their usual committees of correspondence. The First Continental Congress met and made the decision to reject British authority and prepare for a military defense against any possible attacked from England. On August 18, 1775 the scrimmages of Lexington and Concord had become the first battles of the American Revolution. A war that would finally give the Americans what they had craved for so long: an independent government of the people, for the people, by the people.

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