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I felt Morrie’s willingness and desire to share with his family and friends, and even the entire world what the dying transition is like for him was a courageous thing someone has ever done. Mitch was there every Tuesday, and witnessed his health deteriorating. I felt this was a courageous thing a dying person has ever done, because I’ve never heard of or even read about someone willing to share the dying process with the world. Having camera’s and interviews during your last weeks on this earth may not be part of your plans, but Morrie wanted to inform everyone that death is real and death will come eventually. Morrie compared his life to a bridge and knew he was at the end of the bridge. Being at the end of the bridge meant being at the end of life. This fits with what he discusses with Morrie being that they are both aware that death will come soon.
Each Tuesday it is something different when Mitch visits Morrie. Maybe it was a task that Morrie can no longer complete or is struggling to complete. Morrie was somewhat humorous to certain situations and told Mitch one day someone would have to wipe his behind. Mitch was there and witnessed his professor having to be wiped by someone else. It’s been sixteen years since Mitch has seen his professor and this has been a tremendous change since last seeing Morrie. Mitch was used to being around a kind-hearted, independent man. Mitch was in denial, but Morrie’s idea of being a bridge was understandable for Morrie. As his health continued to decline, he gotten to the point where speaking was a challenge; his ALS was progressing and was attacking his body, Mitch knew Morrie was at the end of life.
I agree with Morrie’s criticisms about our culture and how our day to day events discoura...

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...positive as Morrie. Even though Morrie said he had moments where he would be depressed he didn 't let his diagnosis get him down. Morrie’s last few weeks were spent with wonderful people who kept his spirits high. Depending on how old I am when I receive this news I would want to do activities that I’ve never done before, even it if means traveling the world. Whenever the diagnosis was to progress and become debilitating, my wishes are to be around close family and friends as Morrie wished. I would expect my family to tell me everything they wish to tell me before I pass on, just as Morrie expected from his family and friends. If I received this news it would be a personal priority to make a living will and inform my family everything I desire so I can have a proper funeral. I would also make sure the funeral will be paid so I will not leave that burden on my family.

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