The End Of Life Care Act Essay

The End Of Life Care Act Essay

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The End-Of-Life Care Act, Patient Notification Act AB-2139, expects a health care provider to notify the patient if they have a terminal illness. To accomplish this health care act, the health care provider and the patient need to work together. Unfortunately, this act has challenges from both sides. However, based on two surveys (the 2011 survey of California adults conducted by O 'Malley 's organization and The Dartmouth Atlas Project), consultation with professionals in the field of health care, and a patient’s family, Brown (2014) explained the dedication and hard work by physicians in the end-of-life.
Wennberg, Fisher, Goodman, & Skinner (as cited in Brown, 2014) studied patient’s control of their end-of-life decisions based on records of patients who were treated under academic medical centers (AMCs) in Los Angeles area for more than a decade. The criteria include chronic illness and Medicare coverage. The findings of this study were:
(1) The cost of treatment for chronically ill patients become expensive, especially two year prior to passing,
(2) The percent coverage of palliative care provided by AMCs were not uniform across Los Angeles Area,
(3) The study concluded that superior results or patient needs are not always directly correlated to the cost of the treatment, the duration of the patient in the hospital, and frequent visits by the physicians.
Additionally, the report made based on the 2011 survey of California adults end-of-life will, Final Chapter (as cited in Brown, 2014), concluded that even if 80% of the respondents of the questioners agreed to talk to doctors about end-of-life will, only 7% of them completed the end-of-life advance directive or will. In this report, Brown explained that part of...

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...fe of the deceased patient, whose information is most likely unreliable. Besides, collecting information from a 90- year old person sends a wrong message that people might assume that end-of lives will is a matter of very old age business.
Despite the use of descriptive statistics and acquisition of information from physicians working in reputable hospitals, the report failed to meet the acceptable scientific standard. It drew conclusions from insufficient sample data, which was surveyed by an organization whose neutrality is questionable. Besides, the report leaned more towards the physicians while overlooking the patient’s side. I strongly believe that the report could be taken seriously if the sample size is increased, the patients are given equal attention as physicians, and the survey is conducted by organizations having no conflict of interest.

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