The Empowerment Theory Of An Elderly Lady Essay

The Empowerment Theory Of An Elderly Lady Essay

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Have you ever been on a drive and became enthralled by the reminiscent stories of an elderly lady? We were driving around Salt Lake City with family looking at homes where my grandmother, Betty, lived as a child and early in her married life. She was engaged in reminiscing and shared many stories of her childhood and early married life. The interview was finished at her home. The information was written in note form. My grandmother is an 82-year-old Caucasian. Her third husband passed away a little more than a year ago. She was married to him for about fifteen years. She lives in her own home, built by her second husband, in Bountiful, Utah. Her youngest daughter, who is 42-years-old still lives at home with her. She is physically and intellectually challenged and is still cared for by my grandmother. In her basement, lives her granddaughter and her three young children as well. Betty also has two cats. The empowerment theory will serve as the reference to contextualize her life with the larger environment.
Betty has a very relaxed and flexible routine in her daily life. She and her daughter, Angela, sleep in until around 11:00am. When they awake, Betty prepares herself and Angela for the day. She first takes Angela to the bathroom, gets herself and Angela dressed, puts each of their shoes on, fixes their hair, and feeds Angela a snack. Betty also administers medications for herself and Angela. Betty then puts food out for her two cats. Her next activity is going to Carl’s Jr. for lunch. She drives herself and Angela. She eats there seven days a week and has been for over ten years now. Betty orders the same or very similar meals every day. Angela feeds herself, but her food is cut up by Betty. She kno...

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...ongings, her doll was ruined. She was forever stamped with this experience and memories of her friend. Her friend and her both moved back to their respective home towns, and never saw each other again. For a time, they wrote letters, but lost contact. Betty stated that she would always remember her and wonders how she is.
As a reflection on my experience, I learned much about my grandmother that I had not known previously. I was able to really see a scope of her life and analyze her experiences and the connection to the larger system around her. I was surprised by how close she fit most everything in normative patterns for her age range. I really enjoyed interviewing her and learning about her life. I have grown more admiration for her in her life after interviewing her. Betty is one that stands out in her community as very loving, giving, and forgiving.

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