Essay on The Empowerment Of A Person Can Develop An Empowerment Mindset

Essay on The Empowerment Of A Person Can Develop An Empowerment Mindset

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This paper will discuss what empowerment is and how to a person can develop an empowerment mindset. Developing a empowerment mindset will provide an individual with the tools to solve problems, mater skills used for their specific areas of employment, take initiative, and increase the competence of that individual. Developing an empowerment mindset can help in a person career, but it can also enhance your personal relationships.
Empowerment can vary from person to person. A broad perspective of empowerment that the majority of people can relate too is based on setting goals and achieving them. A person needs to take control of their own goals they have set and do everything possible to achieve them. This also means that you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that your goals will be more attainable. While most of these goals can be personal, they can also be applied to a career setting.
After recognizing your own goals, strengths and weaknesses; then you can develop an empowerment mindset. “We can all use the power we possess to achieve greater success and happiness. And God- however we define the word, whatever our religion, spiritual practice, or belief; truly does help those who help themselves.” (Helin 2012) If we put forth the effort and use the tools and resources that we are provided, then there should be no problem achieving our goals that we all set. Though these goals need to be realistic attainable.
Ten Laws of Empowerment
The first law of empowerment is responsibility. Responsibility for our actions is a key start in developing attitudes of an empowerment mindset. “Response-ability, the ability to choose your own response.” (Covey 2004) This is one of the most important aspects to hav...

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...ugh they used this application for a work place setting, this can be used in your everyday life. Setting goals and using their methods is congruent with devising a strategic plan that I talked about earlier, and the ten empowerment laws will help guide your strategic plan. Having an empowerment mindset can be used everyday. It can be dedicated to your career, personal life, and your family.
In conclusion setting goals is an excellent method to be successful. However, in order for these goals to be successful you must use the laws of empowerment. You may not use all ten laws but they can help you achieve your goals that you listed in your strategic plan. It is important to keep your goals achievable and make sure they have realistic time frames. Failure to have realistic time frames can cause you to lose interest in the goal and ultimately fail.

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