Empowering the Poor Through PNPM Rural in Sidayu Village Essay

Empowering the Poor Through PNPM Rural in Sidayu Village Essay

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Although the data informs that there is no improvement of the welfare of poor people in Sidayu village, but in fact PNPM Rural contributes directly to escalate the welfare of the poor by providing incentive the poor households who involve in the project construction as workers and giving money through micro-credit programs. Up to 2010, there are 142 poor households who stand as project workers paid with 35,000 rupiahs per day by TPK. While in micro-credit program, TPK had distributed 29,000,000 rupiah of loans for 29 the poor women. However, the income of the poor women has not improved as targeted from the credit service provided for them.
In the terms of infrastructures (construction), PNPM has accomplished the project purpose which are 10km cliff road, 1 km2 dam, 10 km clean water channel, 5 km irrigation channel, 3 km drainage were achieved successfully. Moreover, these infrastructure constructions were performed based on the specified quality standards as proved by the technical experts.
Based on the data above we give above moderate to the Effectiveness of the project.
d. Impact
Three questions were proposed to assess the impact of PNPM Rural projects namely: 1) Have the PNPM Rural project empowered the poor target? Had the infrastructures which done by PNPM Rural project facilities development in Sidayu Village?
Although PNPM Rural had not able to reduce poverty rate but in short term the program had direct impact to the poor people in Sidayu Village. PNPM Rural contributes directly to escalate the welfare of the poor by providing incentive the poor households who involve in the project construction as workers and giving money through micro-credit programs. Up to 2010, there are 142 poor households who stand as proje...

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... effort of PNPM Rural to enhance individuals and community capabilities particularly poor people to make consensus decision and convert those decisions into expected actions and outcomes that improve their prosperity.
By implementing PNPM Rural the Government of Indonesia provides resources and opportunity for poor people to participate in the development process from the planning to the maintaining.
Based on our evaluation, we conclude that PNPM Rural was able to empower the poor in the process of development especially in term of deliberation and construction of infrastructure. But in terms of end goal “poverty alleviation”, PNPM Rural was not able to reduce the poverty rate in Sidayu Village.
Based on the evaluation, we have some recommendations for national government, local government of batang and the Sidayu community and the Sidayu village government.

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