Employment The Deficit Of The Museums Essay example

Employment The Deficit Of The Museums Essay example

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Topic Introduction
In 2016, the museums in New York have confronted the issues of Employment the deficit of the museums pushes them to face the confront between employment and operation. According to the report in Wall Street Journal, Metropolitan Museum of Art(Met), one of the most famous art museum in New York, announced results of its voluntary-buyout programs in July, “at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, about 56 staffers have accepted early-retirement packages—about 35% of those eligible, said Daniel Weiss, the Met’s president.” (Smith, 2016)
Moreover, Met plan to shed more than 100 staff positions, which accounts 4.3% of its overall staff position (2300). Officials disclose that they made the decision because of the huge deficit, “the museum is facing a projected $9 million to $10 million budget shortfall that could swell to as much as $40 million if no action is taken.” (Smith, 2016)
With the scheme of layoffs, the operation of the museums become challenging, considering the original work, if it does not become heavier with more visitors, cannot be done by such few staffs after layoffs. The president of Metropolitan Museum of Art, Daniel Weiss, has promised a 40% to 50% refill of the vacated positions, “because they’re essential.” (Smith, 2016)
Besides this 40%-50% refill, the left 50%-60% staffs are necessary for the operation of the museum as well. However, the budgeting situation implies that the museum cannot afford the wages and salaries of the enough staffs they need.
Metropolitan Museum of Art is not the only museum that have the issue between budget and employment. Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) and Brooklyn Museum, the other two museums located in New York, are facing the similar difficulty with Met. Spokeswomen for th...

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...t exhibits the delicate collections of works of arts, but protects and preserves the cultures and histories hidden in the collections. In general, most of the arts are donated by the privileged philanthropists and become one of the previous collections. The famous art museums, for example, Metropolitan Museum of Art(Met), Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) and Brooklyn Museum, have their collections from donations. These famous museums own their own endowments and receives.
However, the financial condition of the museums is still worrying, especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met). As Smith (2016) points out, “the Met has a $2.85 billion endowment and receives significant operating support from New York City”, while its operating deficits increased in the last two year, “from $3.5 million in fiscal 2014 to $7.7 million in fiscal 2015, according to S&P Global Ratings.”

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