Employment, Leases, And Products Are Needed Essays

Employment, Leases, And Products Are Needed Essays

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In order to launch and maintain a business, contracts for services, employment, leases, and products are needed. First, a business owner must acquire a lease of property contract. This contract is needed so that I will have property to operate my restaurant. The provisions that should be included in this contract are the term of the tenancy, premises clause, exclusive use clause, assignment clauses, contingency clause, option to extend, and the good guy guaranty clause. These provisions will reduce my restaurants potential liability. Insurance contracts are also necessary for businesses. They provide businesses with a form of protection against possible risks. Some of the insurance contracts needed are general liability, product liability, and property insurance. All insurance contracts should include an indemnification clause for extra protection.
Other types of contracts that businesses cannot do without are employment and supplier contracts. Employment contracts establish binding terms and conditions of employment relationships between employees and employers. Employees will hired to cook and prepare food, serve the customers, deliver the food, and perform daily operational activities. In order to reduce legal risk and liability, the contract should include confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, a termination clause, arbitration clauses, choice of law clause, an agency clause, and a non-compete clause for chefs. Additionally, the contract should include an at-will employment clause, which states that an employer can fire an employee for any reason at any time. This protects employers by allowing them to get rid of difficult employees who do not perform their jobs well. Food, paper ...

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...e the appropriate disciplinary action against the accused employee.
To decrease the likelihood of discrimination in the workplace, my company should implement a mandatory anti-discrimination training program conducted by human resources professionals. The training programs should ensure that all employees fully understand the company policies regarding discrimination and harassment. After completing the training, employees should know how to report complaints of discrimination and harassment and prohibitions regarding retaliation. The training should also help employees recognize acts of discrimination by providing real world examples. In addition, all employees must be required to sign a form stating that they took the discrimination training and fully understand it. These forms should be kept in the employees’ personnel files for further protection.

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