Essay about Employment Laws And Employment Law

Essay about Employment Laws And Employment Law

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What is Employment Law:
Employment law (EL) is the body of law which oversees the relationship between employers and their employees. Employment law is a broad field but key elements of employment law are the employment rights which are instructed upon both the employee and the employer. The Employment Law covers key elements such as Pay, Discrimination, Equality, Employment rights, responsibilities, health and safety etc.

Employment law (EL) has been changed significantly and has brought changes since it came into force, It’s still very complex but good effort has been made to make the law pretentious and easier for employers and employees to understand their rights.
• Employment law is set and employers must abide, as its main purpose is to protect the workers, women, vulnerable against undervaluation of wages and discrimination of any kind etc. There can be serious consequences if the employer fails to follow procedures, guidelines set out by Employment Law which may include costly reimbursement claims against the employer or former employee whose rights have been violated in any way and which can in return damage the employer reputation.
• Law on equal pay which was announced by Equal Pay act 1970 which is now confined in to Equality Act 2010 which aims to remove discrimination between men and women in pay and other terms of their contracts of employment. Equal pay claims can be made for
1. "Like work" (work which is the same or broadly similar). Work rated equivalent under a job evaluation scheme.
2. Work rated equivalent under a job evaluation scheme.
3. Work of equal value in terms of demands made.
• Discrimination can be described as a conduct that is undesirable, unreasonable for the victim in question. It c...

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...ld be prominently placed throughout all buildings owned or operated by the organisation to clearly display the policies and the organisation 's stance on discrimination of any kind.
For all vacancies, job descriptions and details of the knowledge, ability, understanding, skills and experience essential to fulfil the post will be drawn up. Forms indicating reasons why an applicant is or is not to be short-listed for interview will be used on all occasions. Interview assessment forms are used for each interview, during which candidates are considered against the criteria specified for the post. In implementing its training and development policy and procedures, the employer ensures that opportunities offered to all staff adhere to the principles and standards set by its equal opportunities policy solely to create equal wage and better working conditions for employees.

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