Employment in Remote Mining Areas and Associated Social Issues Essay

Employment in Remote Mining Areas and Associated Social Issues Essay

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This article examines the issue that most people who live in rural areas in developing countries work in artisanal and small-scale mining because of a lack of alternative economic activities. This circumstances has make a lot of problem, such as : security, health, under aged labour and also environmental impacts because most of this mining occurs in uncontrolled way. The purpose of this article is to learn about artisanal gold mining’s current situation in central Mozambique.
As mentioned above, artisanal mining has many problems thus made the president of Mozambique stated that there is a clear political will to improve the artisanal miners’ working condition because there are so many misappropriation on the current mining laws and regulation.
On the socio-economic point of view, small-scale and artisanal mining is said to be driven by poverty, typically carried out in the most remote and poorest rural areas of developing country. The primary driving force for getting involved in this tough and often perilous work is lack of alternative sources of financial revenues. Even though...

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