Employment Health And Pay Benefits Of Wisconsin

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Employment Health and Pay Benefits of Wisconsin Whenever looking for a new job the first thing people look for is the salary; how much will they be paid to do a job. Most of the time people consider health and pay benefits just an afterthought. This should be considered when job hunting and looking for a new employer because these benefits can often lead to some jobs with a lesser annual salary to actually be more desirable because in the end your benefits will outweigh a lesser up-front salary. Wisconsin has several laws protecting all employees and some even encourage employers to offer their employees great benefits. Pay Benefits Workman’s Comp Workman’s compensation is a general state and federal law that covers employees who get injured on the job. Each state can have certain requirements, but all must follow closely to the federal guidelines. In the case of Wisconsin, they follow the federal guidelines and rules with regards to workman’s compensation cases. Workman’s comp covers many injury types ranging from physical harm, mental harm, accidental injury or occupational disease. Classification of physical harm or injury can be as mild as some bruises, cuts or burns. Additionally, physical harm, will cover the more severe injuries; such as fractures, hernias, sprains, amputation, sudden loss of hearing or vision and disfigurement. In regards to cases of mental harm they could be a nervous disorder or hysteria, but these can be more difficult to determine and prove. The employee would have to show that the injury would result from a situation that is greater than the day-to-day mental stresses and tensions of all the employees. An accidental injury could be either physical or mental that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly as a ... ... middle of paper ... ... is taxed up to 85% for federal, but is not taxable under Wisconsin law. These few exceptions give retirees an advantage by living in Wisconsin verses states that may tax certain retirement and social security benefits. Federal law imposes a penalty on certain retirement plans of 10% for early distributions or 6% on excess contributions. Wisconsin also penalizes the same as federal but only 33% of the federal penalty tax. ("State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue") Health Benefits Health benefits are an important part of everyday life. You don’t want to be stuck without having health insurance, a medical emergency without insurance can instantly bankrupt anyone. Also under new laws, everyone is required to have health insurance. If you chose to not buy it you will be responsible to pay a fee called the individual shared responsibility payment. ("HealthCare.gov")

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