Essay Employment At Will Doctrine Of The State Of Georgia

Essay Employment At Will Doctrine Of The State Of Georgia

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Employment-At Will Doctrine
In the state of Georgia, most workers are usually regarded as employees working "at will." This means that employees are working at the will of their employer and the employer can subsequently fire them at any time, for any reason, and without any legitimate notice (At Will Employment in Georgia – FindLaw, 2011). Essentially, a worker can be terminated for pretty much any reason at all, regardless if it is good or valid (At Will Employment in Georgia – FindLaw, 2011). Most workers however are protected under federal laws and employees also can 't be fired because they opposed unlawful employment practices (At Will Employment in Georgia – FindLaw, 2011).
It is in my opinion that employees should have the right to voice their viewpoints and opinions on Facebook and be protected under Freedom of speech. According to Gomez (2012), both private and public employees, enjoy First Amendment protection when they are talking about something that is considered a matter of public concern. In this specific scenario, John violated the company’s policy when he decided to post on his personal Facebook page and criticizes one of the company’s most important clients. What John decides to post on his personal Facebook page can negatively affect him and his company. No matter what the situation, an employee should never criticize a customer, no matter what the situation is. In situations like this, John should have consulted with someone in a position of authority to talk about the issues with the client instead of posting his feeling on his Facebook page. John’s actions could set a bad example for other employees who will think its okay to post negative comments about customers. Customers could then think that ...

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... new COO, it would be my duty to ensure that employees understand their duties when it comes to conducting business in an ethical way. New policies that I would implement would explain the use of company equipment such as vehicles, computers and cellphones; and these items would be used for business purposes only. This policy will explain appropriate practices in relation to business and customer relationships. It would be clearly states that there is always going to be an open door policy for employees if they have any sort of complaints about mangers, customers, and other employees. The policy will also have a social media policy and it will explain what actions will not be tolerated and how they may have an impact on business operations. Lastly, it will be written that employees will be providing time for jury duty because it is a right by Federal Government.

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