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Employment and Work Experience Essays

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Employment and work experience

Textbroker – Freelance Author - October 2013 onwards

I have now been selling the rights to my written work on an online contract based platform for a reasonable period of time. This role has centred on rapidly and effectively fulfilling competitively advertised client briefs for technical writing. My work in this regard has been published on a professional basis, largely within the fields of advertising and information provision. I have also engaged in more informal original content creation such as developing blog content concerning current technological or cultural issues.

Feedback for my work has consistently been graded as excellent by a vast number of anonymous clients, marking it as being of superb value for the per-word rate offered. This role has proven both my high standards of technical literacy and my ability to create, develop and edit highly original non-fiction prose quickly and efficiently within a controlled environment.

South Somerset National Trust – Research and Development Intern - June 2013 - October 2013

This internship represented a significant promotion in responsibility and influence. Over five months, I undertook a set itinerary that fully utilized my abilities in research, analysis, rhetoric and social co-ordination in order to assist South Somerset National Trust in fulfilment of localised mid-term goals. These tasks combined contributed substantially to meeting the overarching objective within South Somerset National Trust of a complete operational overhaul by Q2 2015. Compiled into a concise 10,000 word report, my research outlined (and suggested viable solutions to) the conservational, curatorial and contextual challenges that Montacute House will be...

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...ionalism at all times. The experience set me in good stead for dealing with unusual or difficult situations regarding heritage.

Balsam Garden Services – Assistant – 2006 - 2010

This job involved undertaking basic and skilled manual labour in various gardens as part of a team in order to provide maintenance to them. It involved such standard tasks as weeding, mowing and hedge trimming.

King Arthur's Community School – I.C.T Technican – 2005

My period of secondary school work experience involved intense development of my computer skills, in both I.T and practical electronics. It set me in good stead for maintaining a very high standard of technological literacy.

Additional skills
I possess Level 3 authorisation training in C.M.S. Software, . I also possess an excellent grasp of all Microsoft Office and equivalent Open Office

Non-academic references

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