Employment And Educational Opportunities During The United States And Other Industrialized Countries

Employment And Educational Opportunities During The United States And Other Industrialized Countries

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If you travel back in time to 50 years ago, educational opportunities were very different for men and women. In the United States and other industrialized countries, the common view was that women were to stay at home, look after their children, cook, and clean. The male of the household would be the provider. Bell Hooks claims, “It was clear that men wanted to lead and they wanted women to follow” (Feminist Politics…). However after several years, things have changed dramatically. Employment and educational opportunities, diversity and culture, and comparing part time versus full time workers are some issues that we need to start looking at.
In today’s world, women have equal educational opportunities, which leads them to want a career. Unfortunately in some cases, women have to compromise their work schedule so they can care for their children. A significant amount of families living in poverty are led by single women. I believe employers should start hiring these single women for full time, but with benefits. Just because a woman has a family or children, doesn’t mean she can’t have a career. If one can assume that intelligence is evenly distributed, it would be a failure to not develop females in the work place, seeing that they make up half of our population.
Employers around the country have not woken up to the fact that they need to embrace diversity in the work place. This includes females but also other ethnic groups within our society. Employees in the workforce should reflect our society’s population, so this should not be limited to just strictly while males. In the words of Peggy McIntosh, she explains that despite the agreement of dominance on a male’s group, his sex gives him more opportunities. McIntosh believ...

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...changes are what’s needed in our modern world. This would impact people living in poverty, single mothers, and people of different ethnicities, and will give them a fresh start. For the single mothers, this will give them a chance to provide food, shelter, and clothing for their children with no problems. The people living in poverty will now be able to care for themselves, and people of different ethnicities will be able to live a life with equal opportunity. If these changes were to take place, I believe communities will advance greatly in terms of racism, classism, and pride. We are reaching a point where men, women, and various ethnicities are almost equal. If we don’t start changing now and go after these groups of people, we are missing out on so much talent. Much more than making a company stronger, you are giving the people with no voice a chance at success.

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