Essay on Employers Must Recognize the Challenges of a Dual Career Family

Essay on Employers Must Recognize the Challenges of a Dual Career Family

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Transition from Traditional Career Households to Dual Career Households has reflected immense roping between requirements of Work and Family. This struggle to juggle has intensified the Work Conflicts and requires spouses to be more understanding and participative in child/elder care centred activities. At the same time, it is pressing for Family Friendliness Employers. It is realized that a balance between work and family life can only be promised via an integration of FWTAs. An attempt is made to shed light on Work Conflict, Family Conflict, Work-Family Conflict, Quality of Work Life, Quality of Family Life, Work life Balance and Life Satisfaction.
Work and Family have long been realized as interdependent and equally valued activities with the increased Workforce Diversity and Economic Activities. Concerns regarding child/elder care have gained considerable importance in the past few decades as the number of Dual Career Couples has increased as compared to Traditional Career Couples. The inclusion of women in the workforce has chaColeman(1998) illustrates the importance of social capital within the family for a child's intellectual development by showing how social capital gives children access to their parents' human capital. If parents are absent or not involved with their children, then strong relations between parents and children will be neither created nor maintained. If social capital is lacking, then the level of human capital that parents possess is an irrelevant resource for the child because the mechanism of transferring human capital intergenerationally does not function.

As Todd (2004) stated that miscreants of Work Life Conflicts are increasingly realized by the Governments worldwide- as more then the assume...

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...ex Work-Life Conflict and Work-Life Balance phenomenon that their employees experience. It further determines the Flexible Work Time Arrangements or Family Friendliness married employees may want from the employer organizations.

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