Employees Can Be Trained To Be More Emotionally Intelligent Essay

Employees Can Be Trained To Be More Emotionally Intelligent Essay

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For the past, few weeks I have began to have a better understanding of Organizational Management. Where I was confused, I am much clearer now. The question was brought up do believe that employees can learn/be trained to be more emotionally intelligent well I do. For instants, I worked at a phone company called first line communication. I was hired as a phone operator.
I was trained to be a supervisor my job duties were to handle situations with the customer that were too tough for the Subordinates as it pertained to the customers. I did not know how to communicate with my co-workers while I was supervisor. I had no experience. I had to attend management classes that consisted communication and leadership classes. I thought that I was trained to become a professional. I was instructed to emulate the model behavior of a top manager. That way I would learn to become the manager they wanted me to be.
Therefore, I do believe that employees can learn/be trained to be more emotionally intelligent. My Principal Is great, she treats people they way she wants to be treated but she also hold you accountable for your actions, so being controlling is not always the answer. You can catch more flies with honey then with salt. I also agree. Someday I would like to own a dance company and in order to do so I would have to have high expectation for my company, respect for other, and demand respect.
I have learned that being in charge of people is a difficult by not an impossible task. I work at a phone company where I was an operator for 3 years before I was hired as supervisor. I see now that the job that I held before was not much of a management job as it relates to real life situation if that makes any since.

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...fter all, Education is the key to success. Through life people learn different things that they carry with them all through life. There is no age limit to learning.
After all, education is one of the many keys to life. By learning different subjects, the mind begins to expand with a vast variety of knowledge. People tend to distribute knowledge to others often. The mind is always stimulated with new things. We also learn things from ourselves, which mean more than subjects we learn elsewhere. Some people have various ways to learning. Some seek the help of others. However, most prefers to study them and read. There is no age limit to learning or teaching. The more knowledge that you gain, the wiser you become. The following quote is very inspirational to the subject of learning. If I keep learning I can be what ever I want no matter what the challenges.

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