Employees and Professional Development Essay

Employees and Professional Development Essay

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According to societaI beliefs, an organization's most valuable asset is its employees. This is a statement so simple, yet often misinterptreted. However, contrary to popular belief and given the shifting dynamics of the modern workplace, it comes as no surprise that employees yield less influence in the decision-making processes of a business. It must be borne in mind, that employees constitute a critical link of any business and should subsequently be given the opporunity to develop.

The essence of establishing a business is "the bottom line," or in simplistic terms, to make a profit. As the 1976 Nobel Prize winner for Economics, Milton Friedman, once put it – "The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits." (Friedman). Though many may blatanly disagree with this statement, there exists an element of truth – substantial evidence exists in the operations of most businesses. However, given the shifting ideals of the modern marketplace, there is increasing belief that businesses have a seperate but equal responsibility to its stakeholders, more specifically to its employees in this context.

"The chance to grow" or "opportunity" comes in several different forms. Within the modern workplace, there exists various opportunities for employees to be nutured in a condusive environment. Such opportunities range from employee learning opportunities to career development (which encompasses training and mentoring), with each possessing unique benefits for both employers and employees.

Employers should continually seek effective methods in improving employee morale in general, which also translates to increased production and subsequently, higher profits. The provision of learning oportunities is a classic example of su...

... middle of paper ...

...organization's employees.

Based on the above analysis, one can clearly conclude that several factors are of great significance in seeking beneficial opportunities for employees. Employees constitute the core (backbone) of an organization. Ultimately, employers and employees should work in collaboration to create the best working environment possible, for the success of both employees and the organization as a whole.

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