Employee Training And Development Programs Essay

Employee Training And Development Programs Essay

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In today’s business environment, employees are habitually searching for their next lucrative employment opportunities. What is causing the workforce to leave successful employment, for perceived greener employment pastures? Training and development opportunities can be credited for facilitating the “nonstop job hunting” within the business sector. Most organizations offer on-the-job training as the primary means to ensure employees develop necessary skills to be productive for those organizations. The on-the-job training fails to provide personal and professional growth opportunity, which is the desire of most employees. When employees feel that their current employment is stunting their professional and personal growth, they search for employment that offers training and development opportunities. (Hamori, Cao & Koyuncu, 2012)
Employee training and development programs play a significant role in organizational success. There are Companies with successful employee training and development programs that often yield high levels of productivity. Unfortunately, many companies fail to implement and execute successful training and development programs, for innumerable reasons. Finally, companies must take deliberate actions in order to successfully implement and execute successful training and development programs.
There are numerous benefits from an organization’s training and development program. First, an organization who provides training and development for their workforce also demonstrates a “genuine” care for their employees’ growth. (Lipman, 2013) For example, an organization could offer coaching and mentoring for employees. Coaching and mentoring exhibits that the organization’s leadership has a personal interes...

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...DS is defined as the “deliberate, continuous, and progressive process” to develop Army leaders. Under the ALDS, the Army established professional military education (considered the Army’s institutional domain for development) as the main ingredient to cultivate agile and adaptive leaders. The ALDS has expanded opportunities for leaders. The Army encourages leaders to participate in rewarding intellectual programs such as Advanced Civil Schooling (graduate studies), elite university Fellowship programs, Training with Industry (TWI), and many opportunities to study abroad. More than ever, the Army is fostering a culture that inspires soldiers and leaders to take advantage of diverse training and development opportunities. The diverse training and development opportunities complement Army leaders’ aspirations for their personal and professional growth. (ALDS, 2013)

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