Essay about Employee Testing and Selection, Training and Development

Essay about Employee Testing and Selection, Training and Development

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The enterprise should seize the initiative in the current financial crisis from recruitment, management and development under the force of its firm for talents. Enterprises need talents who can suit to the business, and then the first question for the firms is how to attract and recruit talents. As to the recruitment of talented people, it is a process to choose the individual from available applicants who can perform successfully at certain position. To improve workforce diversity, managers need to widen their scope of recruitment. For example, the practice of depending on employee referrals as a source of job applicants tends to produce job hunters who will be similar to current employees.

Once the process of recruiting has developed a pool of job seekers, the next step in the process of human resource management is to decide who is the best qualified for the position. Processing an applicant for a position needs a series of steps and divergent firms will have different processes for selection. Most organizations will judge the applicant through a series of devices, such as app...

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