Employee Satisfaction : Job Performance And Satisfaction Essay

Employee Satisfaction : Job Performance And Satisfaction Essay

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Although it 's clear employees are not especially satisfied with their work, do you think this is a reason for concern? Does research suggest satisfied workers are actually better at their jobs? Are any other behavioral outcomes associated with job satisfaction?

Employees who are not satisfied with their work become less motivated to achieve the goals of the organization. Therefore employee satisfaction should be a major concern for any organization as the organizational goals can take even longer to be accomplished. In this case, the employees at DrainFlow are suffering from the lack of motivation and therefore, cannot provide the customer service that DrainFlow intends. DrainFlow’s competitor, Lightning Plumber, offers their customers excellent service in comparison. Lightning Plumber has also managed to create a more vital and energetic environment for their employees to work in.
Let’s take a step back and look at the early 1900’s, job performance and satisfaction has always been interrelated. As the Hawthorne studies show happy workers are productive workers. These findings have been challenged multiple times and have yet to disapproved. Even today, organizations with satisfied workers tend to be more effective than organizations with less motivated workers.
Furthermore, an employee’s organizational citizenship behavior is highly dependent on their level of job satisfaction. An employee that is satisfied with their job is more likely to go above and beyond what is expected of them because of their positive feelings toward their job. With co-workers providing support and positive experiences in the workplace employees are encouraged to participate in positive organizational citizenship behavior. Feedback of customer satisf...

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...e to determine if the applicant is the best fit the job.
For customer service responsibilities and emotional labor employees, it 's best that applicant is emotionally stable and equipped to make the right decisions and choose the right choice of words in the right moment. The best candidate for the job will also need to be able to bounce back from harsh lashing of a customer and apply the art of turning the negatives into positives, trying to turn an angry customer into happy & satisfied customer. The best candidate is motivated by more than just paying bills or getting by, they must have a passion for the job their doing or at minimum be able to convince the customer that they are passionate about what they’re doing. This type of candidate is most likely to find job satisfaction in this position. Thereby creating security for both the employee and the employer.

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