Essay about Employee Satisfaction And Retention Of Employees

Essay about Employee Satisfaction And Retention Of Employees

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I have been reviewing the recent employee satisfaction questionnaires, and have come to identify a trend that we as leaders should address to focus on employee satisfaction and retention. The general trend of the surveys was negative and will be a focus that all supervisor and above positions will be involved with solving. Our organization has made great strides towards diversity and inclusivity and should not view this feedback as an attack, but as an opportunity to grow as leaders.
Through the bi-annual employee surveys, many shared feedback that they are not comfortable to share in a one-on-one discussion. A majority of employees indicated that they do not feel valued or recognized by their managers and that they would prefer to connect with their managers more frequently than our current annual review cycle. A number of employees also identified concerns around certain manger-employee working relationships that exhibited favoritism and made others feel excluded from projects to which they were interested in contributing.
From the constructive feedback that the employees have provided, I have created three main categories that we will be working to address: employee recognition, consistent feedback, enforced work-life balance.
To best address the concerns raised by employees, we are going to change the manager-direct report team structure. We are currently using a department and team-specific structure for direct reports, and this change will aim to stretch leaders from their comfort zones, as well as eliminate any existing real or perceived favoritism.
Managers will still lead their project teams, however, this collective approach to leadership will grant a better view for each leader into the successes and...

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Through the aforementioned manger responsibilities, we should all expect to initial hesitation and opposition from employees, however, do not be discouraged. The desired outcome for this project is not going to happen overnight.
Through engaging differently with our employees, we should expect to see heightened engagement from them on a day to day basis. By being intentional with our connections and recognition, I expect that employees will feel more valued for the work that they day. Additionally, building new leader-direct report relationships will function to create a more open workplace where employee grievances can be addressed with more immediacy than waiting for feedback surveys.
Increased employee fulfillment will also lead to greater productivity, so I would expect that the excessive overtime reports we’ve been experiencing will be a trend of the past.

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