Employee Safety And Safety Management Essay

Employee Safety And Safety Management Essay

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Safety culture construction is increasingly emphasized by enterprises, taking employee safety and health as well as enterprise development as objectives, guiding employees to establish the correct security values, form and improve safety rules and regulations in the organization, strengthen security education and training and improve safety of workplace become significant parts of enterprises’further development. Required by WHS acts (Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995), both employees and employers have responsibilities to set up a safe and healthy working environment and for employees they should protect themselves away from injuries and follow WHS instructions and safe rules. From employers’ perspective, they have responsibilities to make sure training and supervising about safe work practices have already provided to employees and workers are protected by WHS systems and update rules.

From Sopranos Smallgoods case, because of lacking safety and health care, workers have to work under safety risk and management has deficiencies in supervision. Based on human resource function, there are some recommendations based on job design, training and development, performance management, rewards and recruitment.

In job design, standardize safety management, establish and improve a set of safety and security management mechanism is an effective way to improve safety in production enterprises. Set up a prevention system focus on inspection, identification, rectification problems from every part of the productions. Through identify each particular job tasks, responsibilities and organization relationship within the processes to satisfy organizational and individual employee needs. It illustrates the job content out of a complete working ...

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... how to use the machines properly, especially as food manufacturer they should have health reference to prove they free from any diseases and have basic capability to use machines. From monitor part, human resource manager also needs to hire someone to check the work process, oversight workers and protect their safety. These people should have the ability maintaining machine working properly, repairing, teaching workers how to use and dealing with unexpected problems. Give full play to the role of professional and management personnel. In this case the company has a very flat organizational structure – the CEO reports to a Board of Directors (made up of members of the Soprano family). This may be another part need to alter, the BOD cannot full of family members, this seriously influence making objective decisions to the company and may appears self-interest problems.

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