Employee 's Responsibility At The Company Essay

Employee 's Responsibility At The Company Essay

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What is a stakeholder; they are groups or individuals with a vested interest in the outcome of an organization. Anyone that has added to its success or progression and has also benefited from the organizations success. Here we have two types of stakeholders, internal and external those are within your company. The internal stakeholders are those within the company that will directly benefit monetary from their influences to the company achievement, internal stakeholders are employees, managers, and the owners. While you’re external stakeholders are those that are affected by the concerns and results from the company decisions, they are your consumers, vendor, and government, all with different responsibilities as stakeholders to the company (Words of Wisdom, LLC, 2015).
The employee’s responsibility to the company is to deliver an excellent level of customer service, to attract new customer while retaining current consumers, which shows professionalism by the employees. Managers are responsibility to the company is to be an effective leader, if so this will increase the prospect for the company to enhance the superiority of their product, and ultimately the value of the company. I believe that as the owners responsibility to the company is to finance money into the business, make it profitable, and to deliver a quality product or service to the consumer, while building a loyal consumer base. As the consumer your responsibility to a company is buying the product and service, which will build the reputation of the company, vendor’s responsibility to the company is to supply the material needed, in order for the company to produce the products that are in demand, therefore without the vendors a compa...

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