Employee 's Perception Of Csr Essay

Employee 's Perception Of Csr Essay

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2.5.3 Employee’s perception of CSR-Environment and brand image
Employees are the important internal stakeholder of a company, they are the audiences of a company to understand the mission and main value of the company, and employees have the perception of the CSR activities like consumers, and their perceptions affect the brand image in their mind, since CSR is strongly related to company’s mission and vision (Esmaeelinezhad et al, 2015). In this way, employees both influence, and are influenced by company’s CSR initiatives, understanding how employees’ perceptions can affect brand image are necessary, and there are requirements for scholars to find out how to make employees perceive CSR effectively (Du et al. 2010). At the same time, employees have their own attitude towards their company, and the brand image in their mind can influence level of employee engagement and spur their working motivation, which will differentiate the companies from their competitors (Neault and Pickerell, 2011). This is because employees are eager to be part of the company in order to express their concern about the environmental or the social issues, and company’s CSR activities satisfy their requirements (Marquis et al., 2010). Those requirements includes the functional and emotional value like consumer, for instance, the CSR-Environment activities provide them social value (Rodrigo and Arenas, 2008), because employees will have good attitude and perceive the positive emotional brand image as long as the company undertakes the social responsibility in terms of contributing to environmental issues (Rupp et al. 2006), in this way, the employees regard the company as a responsible social unit who makes their own contribution to the environment. Althou...

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...e value model (Holbrook, 2006), preference creates value, which means individuals perceive the value differently by judging company’s action in various criteria, in this case, employee will perceive different value of the company. Thus, employees’ perception towards CSR-Society is different, if they can get functional value from those activities, they will have positive functional brand image, and similar with emotional brand image.
Thus, this research assume that employee’s perception towards CSR-Society has positive effect on brand image, and the hypotheses are as followed:
H4a: Employees’ good perception of CSR-Society has positive influence on functional brand image
H4b: Employees’ good perception of CSR-Society has positive influence on emotional brand image
The table 1 is the summary of the hypotheses that have been generated in the previous literature review.

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