Employee 's Home Computer Systems Essay

Employee 's Home Computer Systems Essay

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The first entry point for the APT was the employee’s home computer systems, through reconnaissance there was a known operational VPN linked to the LAN of the WI power grid computer network. The VPN was exploited through weak authentication captured by spoofing the victims SSID and using a man-in-the-middle attack to capture all traffic on the victim’s computer. Furthermore, other incriminating evidence was captured which was used to blackmail and recruit the insider. After, exploiting the log-on credentials, the APT installed RATs on the corporate network to monitor and have a persistence presence within the network. The APT then tried to use the stolen credentials to escalate their privileges on the application server using the method of credential dumping, look for domain admin passwords, non-were found. The APT found, to gain full control of the SCADA server using Careto, the malware would have to at the workstation, which had access to pass through the firewall. Once the malware was uploaded it would have access to pass through the firewall. After passing through the firewall Careto malware would upload its self to the SCADA servers. The Careto malware will alter the log files to conceal it presents on the network.

The Careto will create an encrypted VPN connection back to a Command and Control server (C2), which will appear to be a normal connection back to a workstation on the network. Through remote services the APT will be able to move laterally throughout the Control and Corporate networks, using data compression to package and exfiltrate intellectual idea and sensitive data about the WI generator station. Finally, the APT will then take control of the HMI and PLC devices.

The Cyber Kill chain is an explanat...

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... proper processing of visitors in and out of the facility. A policy to create network back-ups, network back-ups gives administrators the ability to return to known good, and to retrieve lost information. Lastly, and incident response raising information assurance by giving employees the understanding of what to do if they detect issues on their workstation, or feel they are a victim of social engineering.

Defense in Depth is used to protect the most critical assets within and organization. The recommendation put forth will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the WI power grid generator station. Defense in Depth starts with people because people are the most important asset of any organization. When policies and procedures are put in place correctly, they will safeguard the network and protect the people from inside and outside intruders.

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