Essay on Employee Privacy Report

Essay on Employee Privacy Report

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Employee Privacy Report 1

In this report, I will be addressing e-mail, Internet use, and privacy policies in my workplace; the current laws regulating employee e-mail and Internet privacy; the reasons to companies carry out e-mail and Internet use policies; the assumptions employees make about their privacy at work; and how these policies affect employee privacy at work.
E-Mail and Internet Use , Privacy Policies
The E-mail/Internet usage and privacy policies at my job are part of a system of written decisions established by the organization to support and to build a desire culture through managing risk, regulation, and administration. They are current regulatory policies that happen within the workplace. The written guidelines help people keep up the integrity of business organization. The policies allows the organization to limit the discretion of person; to regulated; and arrive at certain types of behavior whether behaviors are good or bad. They tell every one of the written standards of conduct that governed the company's e-mail usage, internal usage, and its privacy policies within the company. They establish responsibilities; standards of behavior; and obligation of the policies. Current laws regulating employee e-mail and Internet privacy are few because employers usae electronic surveillance.
Why E-Mail and Internet Policies
My workplace is government-owned. The government employers require notified employees that the organization check and watch employees' use of the e-mail /Internet. For example, upon accepting employment with the federal government, the federal government notified that the person that there is monitoring of the Email/Internet usage. The monitoring covers the telephone, co...

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...ffect Employee Privacy
Policies affect employee privacy by lowering employees' expectations of privacy in the workplace because he or she cannot expected privacy if an employee conducts the activity in a manner open to other employees. If an employee's reasonable expectations are similar to the privacy of personal mail delivered from the post office, he or she may believe the computer are just as private as the documents that he or she stored in the personal workplace's desk or filing cabinet. This reasoning of employee's reasonable expectations violates the employee's privacy. Yet, the employer stands may be that it has a justifiable interest in the oversight of business related employees communications, and in the cost of the used of the computer system. Only through consideration will these two interests will allow the right determination to be determine.

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