Employee Of Abc Company : A Project Of Building An Adult Entertainment Retail Store

Employee Of Abc Company : A Project Of Building An Adult Entertainment Retail Store

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An employee of ABC Company, Luke is in charge with a project of developing new purchased land. The company is planning to build an adult entertainment retail store which confidently lay near where his brother, Owen, lives. If the plans are announced to the public, the property of the surrounding neighborhood will drop significantly. What concerned Luke is that Owen just told him about the offer to sell his house at a decent price compared to the current real estate market. However, Owen is considering if he should wait for a couple year and sell his house later at a higher price as the estate value may increase.

Luke is facing with an ethical dilemma about whether or not he should let Owen know about the project he is working on. This is an ethical issue because if Luke decides to inform his brother about ABC’s project, he has breached the code of ethic in workplace by sharing his company’s confidential information to others. Then, if Luke decides to keep silent about ABC’s upcoming project, Owen’s property value may decrease and result in a loss due to the impact of the project. It also may damage the relationship between Luke and Owen.

Ethical Lenses:
• The Golden Rule: According to the Golden Rule, it states that one should treat other the way that he/she wants to be treated. However, there are some criticisms over this ethical lens. One of them is the thresholds for appropriate behaviors are different between each person. In addition, for this rule to be able to applied, one must be highly ethical. (According to GENB 4350 online lecture, Ethical Reasoning)
• Virtue ethics: Virtual ethics suggest that people should make decision based on their personal character, their believed values and moral codes, rather than...

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...sty and trustworthiness to make ethical decision. Thus, this creates a conflict as Luke cannot satisfy all the suggestions. He cannot be an honest brother while at the same time be a trustworthy employee for his company. So, based on my analysis, Luke should make a decision that results in a better outcome than the other. In this case, Luke should not inform Owen, his brother about ACB Company’s project. Even though Luke feels the need to be honesty and to treat Owen the same way Owen is going to treat him, he also need to careful to assess the other side. When he becomes a trustworthy employee, he gains so much more benefits than helping this brother. Firstly, the company will treat him with respect and trust. Then, his employer also notices how Luke can be a valuable asset of the company. Luke may have more opportunities to advance further in his career and future.

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