Employee Motivation At The Cutthroat Market Environment Essay

Employee Motivation At The Cutthroat Market Environment Essay

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Today organizations are seeking the best employees to compete in the cutthroat market environment. In order to achieve their goals, they must have something to offer to their employees to keep them motivated. Employee motivation can come from management strategies, employee incentives, health, school, adoption assistance, and the more the company can offer the better and more valuable the employee can be. With that being said Best Buy might just have what most employees are looking for. Best Buy is considered to be one of the world’s largest consumer electronics retailers, with that being said more that 125,000 people are employed by Best Buy. This is a company willing to go the extra mile to make their employees satisfied which betters the experience their customers receive. Its right in the company’s slogan which is “Expert Service. Unbeatable Price”.
To understand where Best Buy as a company is now its important to understand their management style before which impacted employee engagement and performance. In the early 2000’s Best Buy turned to a results only work environment (ROWE), which is a human resource management strategy where employees are paid for results rather that the number of hours they worked allowing freedom of time and personal autonomy. The purpose was to help increase employee morale which in turn would increase productivity in result lead to less voluntary turnover. After years in a downward slope this type of style was partially to blame. It may at first improved employee morale by the employees being able to set the tone of the work environment but in the end employees became comfortable with the idea of doing just enough to get the job done. On any day corporate employees could be absent from the offic...

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...committee to get as much feedback as possible and try to turn the store around from there. Not every store has the same employee engagement and its noted when a store isn’t performing to its full potential.
Best Buy is a company surrounded by consumer electronics which changes as new technology is invented. They as a company want the best of the best when it comes to employees and because of that they know their employees will do their best when they aren’t having to focus on outside factors, like the “what ifs” in life. By providing fair pay, employee discounts, career development through performance, and a voice about what’s happening behind the scenes Best Buy wants their employees to know that they matter. In the end they want their employees to have fun while being the best and the only way to do so is to keep the motivation going which Best Buy has covered.

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