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Employee Evaluation Essay

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In Review: (Feedback on core responsibilities, transformational activities, strengths, adherence to HR values, demonstration of critical HR competencies, and analysis of barriers to success)

You have completed the six months initial probation period. Congratulation! You jumped right into your role as an Employment Advisor. The functionality of UACT was not a problem for you; you learned quickly how to operate the system, post positions, assist department with changes and trouble shooting for applicants.

You are responsible for a large volume of employment paperwork that goes through this office. You are very organized and your work demonstrates that you pay attention to detail. The time spent on reviewing or approving transactions is greatly appreciated by the departments. You complete tasks in a timely manner; meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks with accuracy and efficiency. You eagerly tackle problems and move quickly to resolve them.

You strive to respond to client request within a 24 hour period. You move quickly to solve problems in the order of importance. I appreciate that when you want to discuss an issue with me you have already thought about a resolution. You have read the policy pertaining to the issue and want to make sure you are on the right track.

Core Responsibilities

• Facilitates the recruitment and selection process by reviewing job requisitions and position descriptions and advising department representatives on key related considerations
• Composes and places newspaper advertisements and prepares and posts job announcements
• Reviews and interprets human resources policies and procedures relevant to recruitment
• Review/approve new hire and job status change paperwork
• Perfor...

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... appreciation that we are trying to keep them on the right track according to the policies.

Employee meets unit’s standards of excellence.

In order to meet unit’s standards of excellence, the following will be necessary:

Summary Remarks:

In a short time you have earned the trust and respect of the departmental representatives. On a daily basis you use problem-solving skills to assist our clients. If there is an issue you resolve the issue through the knowledge you have acquired or you know the right person(s) to call to assist you with the resolution. Prioritizing your workload is a must for this position and you do it well.

I have enjoyed working with you these past six months and the two years before that as a student. You are a tremendous asset to the unit and I appreciate the job that you provide for our clients. Well done!

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