Employee Evaluation And Reward System Essay

Employee Evaluation And Reward System Essay

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Case Assignment 2
The most effective way to get the gardeners and sales representatives to have the greatest rate of success would be for Lily’s Floral to implement a regulated employee evaluation and reward system. The gardeners and sales representatives work together to secure major accounts, and sell products, and keep inventory while maintaining open lines of communication. However, they do not have much authority to find new stores to prospect and help the company grow. To motivate the employees and increase sales rates, Lily’s Floral should follow procedural justice, which is the perceived fairness of the process and procedures used to make allocation decisions. Ideally, we would set up a reward systems that incorporates the aspects of a job that allows employees to improve as a person on the individual level, and at the same time realize the power of pay and benefits.
By giving the power of choice and delegating authority to employees, these individuals will become more empowered and intrinsically motivated. We would also set up an integral performance plan that is a part of the organization’s basic strategy. Having employees actively participate in the implementation, development, and revision of the performance-pay formulas as well as encouraging two-way communication will aid in detecting problems with proposed plans. In addition to all of the feedbacks and reviews, Lily’s Floral should challenge its employees by delegating them the authority to identify potential new store locations and present their strategies to the regional sales manager. By giving the gardeners and sales representatives the opportunity to utilize a different skill set to seek out new stores and put together a business proposal will motivate and cha...

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...hieving company goals; this also needs to be communicated with them during the interview. Many expectations are often formed for a desired behavior before any relevant information has been given. During interviews, applicants need to be informed about the company and the job description. Specific expectations should develop and be communicated with applicants as soon as they are hired.
Consider these interview tips to reduce employee turnover: Ask the right interview questions. Allow every applicant to thoroughly explain their answers, by giving examples and being specific, so that there could be no misinterpretations or assumptions. Lastly, be engaged throughout the entire interview process, as well as conduct follow-up meetings often to ensure employee satisfaction.

Reference: Soleymani, Patrick. People & Organizations. N.p.: McGraw-Hill Education, 2014. Print.

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