Essay about Employee Engagement : Improving Performance

Essay about Employee Engagement : Improving Performance

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Employee Engagement is an extensively researched, multifaceted topic with multitudes of drivers. Employee engagement is one of the most vital, yet neglected management skills on a global scale, as well as one of the most common issue concerning management 's. Engagement of employees can cause the failure or success of the Organisation. In a workplace, Engaging Employees in the activity of the business and ensuring they are committed to the organisation goals and value can contribute to the success of the organisation, and also enhances employee’s well being. The following report will discuss, compare and contrast three articles relating to the study of employee engagement. From these articles the strength, weaknesses and limitation will be examined and evaluated.

The first article in relation to employee engagement written by Solomon Markos, and Sandhya Sridevi titled ‘Employee Engagement: the key to improving performance’ (2010), suggest that an employee engagement is stronger forecaster of positive organisation performance and clearly portraying the two-way relationship between the employer and employee. In particular, Markos and Sridevi (2010) look at employee engagement in the workplace. It is clear that the authors intentions has been to increase the reader 's understanding of employee engagement by clearly explaining the drivers of employee engagement, the potential influence of employee engagement on organisation, and strategies to manage employee engagement. The Article primary strengths is the strategic approach to employee management, not only does it profoundly define what employee engagement is and how it impacts organisation, the article goes into suggesting strategies to managing employee engagement, and discuss...

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...r (2014) focus on psychological capital and Goodwin (2014) focus on how employee involvement in workplace drives up the excellence of the organisation. Thompson, Lemmon, & Walter (2014) highlights that capital such as human, social, and family, and  positive psychological capital are the key to understanding how employee engagement develops.

Throughout, this report has identified some drivers used in the approach to employee engagement. The critiqued articles have specifically highlighted the why and how managements can engage employee, the importance of employee engagement in the workplace regarding the success of organisational, and the importance of employee engagement. All articles display a number of weaknesses, their strengths however, have been used as a point of consistency between them and strengths have been used incorporate ideas presented in each article.

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