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Employee Benefits And Benefits For Employees Essay

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Employee benefits refer to any form of compensation provided by the organization other than wages or salaries that are paid for in whole or in part by the employer. Employee benefit has become a major component of employee compensation that can even determine whether an employee will take a particular job and remain in it or not (Amah, 2006). There has been a reduction in the benefits offered employees in recent times because of the hard economic times. This has not augured well with employees who always want more. Such benefits have a way of motivating employees to be more productive (Flynn, 1988). Organizations can only survive when employees are performing their duties as at when due.
Employee benefits and organizational survival have received a significant worth in studies being carried on in different work settings. (Bernstein, 1955, Gross, 1968, Lawler 1981, 1990, Denison, 1990, Lawler and Jenkins 1992, Mindy, 1998, Oshagbemi 2000, Brabeck2002, Grimshaw et al, 2008, Casey, 2010, Irwin 2011, Umoh et al, 2013). Despite this number of studies, little empirical studies exist on employee benefits and its effect on organizational survival in developing countries especially in Nigeria. To bridge this gap, this study examines the effect of employee benefits on organizational survival. By exploring the relationship between employee benefits and organizational survival, organizations can enhance their competitive advantage, effectiveness and survival.

Employee Benefits
Employee benefits is defined as any form of compensation provided by the organization other than wages or salaries that are paid for in whole or in part by the employer. Employee benefits are essential for the development of corporate industrial rel...

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...rvival as a primary objective or goal should have re-think (Gross, 1968). The goal of organizational survival underpins all other goals (Gross, 1968). Paying attention to this goal contributes to the satisfaction and execution of other organizational goals. Gross argued that the concept of survival is an unwritten law of every organization. This suggests that every organization should see survival as an absolute prerequisite for its serving any interest whatsoever (Gross, 1968). The concept of organizational life cycle is modelled from the pattern seen in living organisms (Bernstein, 1955). In an opposite direction, an organization is assessed in phases of growth and development rather than in chronological years. Organizations attempt to maintain the existing state of affairs, but essentially the larger part of their efforts is tilted toward survival (Mindy, 1998).

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