Essay on Empirical Study Of Research On Retention Efforts

Essay on Empirical Study Of Research On Retention Efforts

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1) Empirical study-a study that uses tangible observations. The data collected comes from physical means that are concrete and use the senses to gather data. (McMillian, 2016, p.7)
Example: Empirical studies can be quantitative or qualitative; in research involving retention efforts they will be empirical studies conducted to gather data.
2) Theory- is an educated assumption that explains how, what we as researchers examine relate to each other. It creates meaning from the information gathered. McMillian, 2016, p.7)
Example: When observing different retention efforts I will develop a theory of why they are successful and how they help retain students.
3) Quantitative-is the search for a concrete answer to problems or observations. It is typically rotten in tangible evidence, often numerical, statistical, and stem from concrete experiments. Quantitative studies seek an answer to the questions asked. McMillian, 2016, p.11)
Example: In researching retention efforts a lot of the data that will be collected will be quantitative, it is tracking data, percentages, and averages so tangible conclusions can be drawn.
4) Qualitative- study is information collected by your senses things that are observed and reviewed. Verbal records, journals equate to qualitative studies things that are seen, heard, and felt. (McMillian, 2016, p.11)
Example: Retention efforts are mostly quantitatively recorded. Retention efforts should be captured from the perspective of the students to understand the true impact of the retention efforts; there needs to be a qualitative perspective.
5) Research Design-the guidelines for research; the blueprint for the study go. (McMillian, 2016, p.12)
Example: one research design to contemplate for a retention study would ...

... middle of paper ... interpretations.
23) Credibility-ensuring the information gathered in an experiment is a true reflection of the participant’s viewpoints. (McMillian, 2016, p.308)
Example: If I were to do an experiment on the impact on the emotional state of students in high anxiety positions and state that they were all fine. That conclusion when reviewed would not be credible and evidence would not support that conclusion.
24) Sample-the specific focus of data to be observed from what was collected from the participants.
Example: I gathered data from all online students but my sample was from FTIC online student’s data.
25) Codes-process of giving commonalities in data or research words to help sort and organize data efficiently. (McMillian, 2016, p.351)
Example: all the students who answered they were first generation students were coded F in my notes

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