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While most people would like to claim that their childhood was either fraught with conflict and drama, or perfect and picturesque, I cannot honestly lay claim to either. Not to say that my youth was uneventful, to the contrary, there were many defining events that directed me into becoming the young man I am today. However, there is one thing about my childhood that seems to be missing from the childhood of many of my peers and those older than myself; my immediate family was never really superstitious.
Now to clarify, that is not to say that my family does not believe in factors beyond those that can be seen or measured. I come from a mixed Christian/Catholic family, so the concept of an outside force having an affect in the world is not one that is lost on me. Such actions such as knocking on wood to keep ones good luck, or not walking under a ladder, never made any sense to me, and was never emulated by my family. Even though my family is not superstitious by nature, even that lack has made an impact on my life.
My mother's family is traditionally catholic. Even though we grew...

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