The Empire State Of Mind Essay

The Empire State Of Mind Essay

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The Empire State of Mind

Thinking of jet setting to New York City and seeing what the big Apple has to offer? With so many options, The Empire State Building should be the first place you check off on your list. Getting there is the easy part. You can simply hop into one of the seemingly endless amounts of bright yellow taxi cabs and make your way down Midtown Manhattan to come across a building you can’t miss. The hard part is choosing what to do first. With a tall flashy light show that will surely capture your attention, or what about the Empire State Building run up where you dash up eighty-six floors to test your agility and finally a color scheme that will have your eyes dancing from window to window and make you want to spend all day there the options are seemingly endless.
Growing up it is every kids dream to be able to see a tall building dance with lights. At Christmas time we’re lucky to get a 30 second light show from the neighbors across the street. Make your way to New York and you can see the show of a lifetime that may even top Disney’s famous Cinderella castle’s light show. According to the article (Tower Lights | Empire State Building, Retrieved October 3, 2016) “The system is capable of displaying over sixteen million colors, which can change instantaneously.” The assortment of colors and LED lighting is everlasting. With a light show that can make any holiday all the more special with loved ones or just friends it’s a show you don’t want to miss. For example, the Fourth of July is always fun to celebrate with fireworks and sparklers, so why not add a dancing, singing tower to top it all off? As if it couldn’t get any better the building can also dance along to an array of different genres of music. Synchroni...

... middle of paper ... Retrieved October 3, 2016) One day I hope to visit the Empire State Building with my family. With so many different fun and historical things to learn about the building is a timeless piece of architecture. Lights aren’t the only thing that went into making the building what it is today. Hard work as well as brainstorming different ways to make the building entertaining must have taken a toll on anyone involved with the making of this historical building but with the help of many European construction workers and outstanding architectural geniuses we’re able to have a building that brings a variety of different people together. The building just shows that when one person has an idea it can blow up to be something no one ever could imagine. So next time you are planning a family vacation take a trip to New York and visit the astounding Empire State Building!

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