Essay about Emperor Penguins

Essay about Emperor Penguins

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Topic: Emperor Penguins
Organization: Topically
Specific purpose: To teach my audience about an overlooked species.

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter
Can you imagine living in a state of pure cold? Where the temperature is constantly sub-zero? How about an entire colony living in such conditions? This is the life of an emperor penguin.
B. Relevance
Everyone loves penguins. And if you don’t I will kindy have to ask you to leave. Just kidding, Everyone has seen movies centered around Penguins, however very few know much about this overlooked species.
C. Credibility Statement
I love emperor penguins. Well, penguins in general. Shoot, look at me keys. I don’t really know why to be quite honest. They just fascinate me.
D. Central Idea
Penguins live lives that we as humans could not even fathom.
E. Initial Preview
To understand this how they live, you will need to know about the land of which the heil, how they live on a day to day basis, and the abnormalities they can potentially suffer.

Transition: Let us begin with the land of which they heil.

II. Body
Point A. Emperor penguins are native to the desolate land of Antarctic
1. Antarctica, as many of you know, is in the southern hemisphere at the south pole. It occupies a space of 14 million square kilometers. 280,000 sq kilometers is ice-free, while 13.72 million square kilometers is covered in ice. The ice free zone, has no vegetation, it is simply barren rock. The terrain varies from peninsulas and ice-free coasts, to mountain ranges and trenches. As a matter of fact. The world’s deepest trench not covered by seawater is the Bentley Subglacial Trench which reaches a point of 2540 meters below sea level. (World Factbook)

2. Antar...

... middle of paper ...

...s are things that humans could never possibly live.
C. Final Summary
Now you know a thing or two about Emperor penguins. You know about the land they called home, their lives and how they lived, and the disorders they suffered.

D. Memorable Closing
So like my penguins friends, I’m gonna go back to my seat and chill. Thank you.


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