Empathy : I Am An Individual Essay

Empathy : I Am An Individual Essay

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The first trait that comes to mind describing who I am would most certainly have to be empathy. Over the years empathy has been a defining characteristic of who I am as an individual. This certain trait just happens to be in collaboration with all including my friends, myself, and the strengths assessment, making this trait one of the most important. It is said that I use empathy widely among the interactions and communications I have with others. In one of my worksheets for understanding myself, my best friend Austin stated, “You can sense others emotions and often relate to anyone.” This is also backed up by the strengths assessment which states “You can feel what they are feeling as though their feelings are your own.” Within empathy can come many branches of characteristics that correlate with each other. By far the biggest one could be emotional. Many of my friends say that I often let things get to me too often. This makes my ability to take a joke difficult. In the textbook Floyd speaks of empathy being a problem for people who suffer from Asperger’s autism because it greatly interferes with their ability to interpret other people’s non-verbal signals and emotions. (Floyd, 28) This relates to me because I was at one time diagnosed with Asperger’s. Now I understand that my emotions can be a blessing and curse. Another characteristic that relates to empathy and emotional is caring. This directly relates to both because to care about someone is to show emotion and empathy. Context just happened to be another big characteristic that caught my eye and was amenable throughout the assignment. Context, as stated by the strength test, is a sense of reflection on life circumstances. Kimberly, one of my best friends agree...

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...t seems that on my Johari Window I decided that this was the one that belonged in more than one box. Another one that landed in the blind was “Cry baby”. This was a term used by my friends to communicate to me that I let things get to me too often. Before this assignment I was unable to concur with this belief, but I am now able to agree. It surprises me how even though all my characteristics can overlap and work with each other, they can so easily be placed in separate Johari boxes and defined as known or un-known to myself and others. Regardless I believe it’s a great way for intrapersonal communication and self-reflecting to fill out the Johari Window. This window did generally match what I originally conceived as my identity. It reaffirmed my knowledge of what people know about me and what they don’t, as well as what I do and don’t know about myself.

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