Empathy And The Concept Of Empathy Essay

Empathy And The Concept Of Empathy Essay

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Many mysteries revolve around the idea of empathy. It is similar in complexity to the concept of emotion. (Brothers, L. 1989) Because of its complexity, a significant number of studies have been produced from philosophy, neuroscience, developmental, social, and personality psychology in order to more thoroughly identify the concept of empathy from multiple perspectives (Preston, S. D., & De Waal, F. B. M., 2002),
The word empathy itself has been used to describes a multitude of different phenomena, such as cognitive and affective actions. Despite their similarities, these occurrences are not facets of a particular and strict definition of empathy (Ickes, W.J., & Decety, J., 2009). In other words, this trait’s vagueness creates uncertainty based on the fact that there has not been a solid or accepted definition, but there is a general understanding of its concept.
Trait Definition
The simplest way to define empathy is that it is an emotional reaction that is instigated from observing an experience of another individual (Aderman, D. & Berkowitz, L., 1970). The perceivers, who are the people who perceive the assumed feelings of another individual, relate to the targets, who are the center of the perceivers’ concern (Zaki, J., & Ochsner, K., 2012). An individual with the empathetic personality trait feels the need to carry the burdens of others. They desire to alleviate problems, especially for those who are vulnerable and appear to be incapable of dealing with their misfortune. (Kostanski. M., 2007) Simply put, it is the state of being put into someone else’s shoes, and feeling the way they would feel in their situation. In reality, there are many unique variations to describe the trait, empathy.

Conflicting Definition

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...ary depending on each unique situation, and whether or not the empathetic person witnessed a similar stressful situation or feeling themselves (Houston, D. A., 1990). Advantages
At first glance, human beings possess no prominent physical qualities that appear exceptionally threatening, Human beings appear small, weak, and slow in relation to other organisms of the animal kingdom. But, we do have many characteristics that have reserved a spot for us at the top of the food chain. Not only do our high cognitive levels provide us with an advantage, but our various and unique personality traits do as well. According to Zaki and Ochsner (2012), having the empathetic trait comes with various degrees of advantages. Empathy promotes interpersonal reactions within our species. These advantages assist in the survival of our species, socially and biologically.

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