The Emotions of a Father For a Son Essay

The Emotions of a Father For a Son Essay

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In this poem, the emotions of a father for a son are expressed. The poet has expressed his views and love for his son. There are various ways of expression of love. In the current case, the emotions of father are shown as if son is, independent and father can pray for his child. The father is guiding his son to live his life. His message carries a lot of love and affection. A father wants his son to enjoy colors of life. On the other hand, father is guiding about the aging principle. Father informs son that eventual end of life is death and a person must live his life, as he wants to live. The father is also making aware his son that the persons lose their life in an unimaginable ways. Thus, he must be aware to keep care of his life. Besides love and emotions, the father is guiding to the son for the right path. The right path is nothing else than chasing he goals of life. A life without goal is nothing. It gives way to survival. In order to survive it is good to chase dreams and goals.
This is one of the great poems of gallery of Peter Meinke. There is a selection of easy words. A true and honest advice is given to son. This is the true expression of feelings of every father for his son. The tone of poem is very inspiring and mature. There is no vagueness present in the poem. The father does not want to pollute soul of a son. He wants an honest soul in his son. An honest soul like bread is essential for wine; wine is a metaphor for a fun. All the parents want their children to enjoy their living. No single parents want their child to suffer. Parents want their child to enjoy and therefore Peter wants his son to enjoy his life but at same time does not want to misguide his child. He wants his son to be aware of reality of world ...

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...on. He is suggestion for such a wife that can give him true happiness. According to poet, the wife must be selected after seeing her mother. If mother is beautiful in her old age, the daughter will also be beautiful in her later ages. According to the father, he wants to see happiness and good balance in his son’s life. He wants to give him advice on everything whether it is pretty aspect of life or harsh aspect of life. He wants his child to live entirely in happiness but he is aware that life is not a bed of roses. The information in these stanzas is quite real and close to reality. I think the personal interpretation of emotions of father for a son is present in the poem. The personal interpretation has given value to the poem. This is neither a mythical poem, nor a poem about nature but it is about true feelings and true association of a father for a son.

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