Emotions And How A Person 's Personality Plays A Huge Part Essay

Emotions And How A Person 's Personality Plays A Huge Part Essay

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Emotions play a huge part in our lives, they help us react to situations and news that we encounter. I would even venture to say that they have a large effect on the way that we reflect and feel about the quality of our life. Whether it is a happy good life, a sad dark life or a “the world is out to get me” life. In this paper I plan to talk about the body’s response to emotions and how a person’s personality plays a huge part in how they experience emotions. I will explain these concepts and then contrast myself and a friend of mine in how our personalities and the emotions we experience affect the outlook we respectively have on life.
The definition of the word “emotion” is, “the body’s multidimensional response to any event that enhances or inhibits one’s goals” (Floyd, 2011, p. 246). Within the category of emotions, there are three subcategories, they are joyful/affectionate emotions, hostile emotions, and sad/anxious emotions (Floyd, 2011). Joyful/affectionate emotions cause us in general to surround ourselves with people, especially people we care about (Floyd, 2011). The emotions we experience in this category include happiness, love, passion, and liking (Floyd, 2011). We tend to display this group of emotions by smiling, laughing, acting in an energetic way, hugging, touching, and spending time with people important to us (Floyd, 2011).
The Hostile emotions are anger, contempt, disgust, jealousy, and envy (Floyd, 2011). The actions that accompany these emotions include yelling, physical violence, putting others down, and a desire to not be near someone or something (Floyd, 2011). The third subcategory is the sad/anxious emotions, this category includes sadness, depression, grief, fear, and social anxiety (Floyd, 2011)...

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...iced that he tends to have a more negative outlook on life when compared to me.
The emotions we experience and our personalities play a huge part in how we look back and forward on our lives, whether that is with a positive optimistic view or a negative pessimistic view. We all feel the three groups of emotions, joy/happiness, hostile, and sad/anxious; but, I think that each of our personalities play a large part with which group of emotions we tend to feel more often. When I compare myself to my friend, I tend to have a happier personality because I have more agreeableness and extroversion and much less neuroticism. Which causes me to experience more of the joy/happiness emotions. Where, my friend has a more negative personality because he has high neuroticism with moderate agreeableness and extroversion. Which allows him to feel more of the sad/anxious emotions.

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