Emotional Wellness Is The Most Overlooked Part Of Global Health

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Emotional wellness is one the most overlooked part of global health. As counselors, we have a responsibility to our clients to create a healthy environment in which our clients can benefit, but most importantly, we have a responsibility to cogitate our own healthy environment. In order for an individual to effectively manage our awareness, understanding and acceptance of our feelings through our encounters and fluctuations within our life, we must recognize that our emotional wellness is a critical component to these factors. Although life entails disappointments having the capability to be aware and accept our feelings commanding an optimistic outlook implies that we have reached emotional wellness. This paper will discuss the definition, factors, and research that make up emotional wellness in our day-to-day life. Emotional wellness can be defined as a psychological state of well-being that oscillates with the physical, environment, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal and social aspects of one’s life. Nevertheless, the one that I think that is often overlooked and disregarded is our emotional wellness, which is connected to our personal growth, positive relations, self-acceptance and purpose for life. Experiences rather positive or negative your emotional wellness affects your quality of life and are based on the things we tell ourselves and perceive about events on a daily basis. Understanding the value of emotions can support moving in positive directions and developing awareness of our feelings despite the stresses that occur from time to time. At some point in everyone’s life stress has been a factor, which also can have an influence on the emotional wellness of an individual. The key is to give yourself ... ... middle of paper ... ...rselves feel what we need to feel. Emotional Wellness denotes to aspects of your mental health including your feelings, emotions, and reactions, which encompasses how you view yourself as well as how you cope with the challenges in your life. In short, understanding that you are an individual can assist in setting realistic and attainable goals and realizing that any step in the right direction will make a difference not only for you but also for others around you. To preserve a positive state of emotional wellness you will need to include focusing on keeping a positive attitude, learning adequately to cope with stress, and acquiring self-awareness of your own feelings and those around you. All professionals in the helping field must be projected to understand the integral importance of emotional health and to incorporate emotional intelligence into their work.

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