Emotional Intelligence : The World Of Psychology, By Ellen Green Wood And Samuel Wood

Emotional Intelligence : The World Of Psychology, By Ellen Green Wood And Samuel Wood

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“Emotional intelligence is the art of making peace with the entire emotional spectrum. It is not about suppressing your feelings. It is about conducting your feelings in a self- identifying way.” T.K Coleman a famous philosopher believes that emotions are versatile and that feelings should be identified and accepted which is the same idea of “Emotional Intelligence” an excerpt from “The World of Psychology” by Ellen Green Wood and Samuel Wood. This reading explains that emotional intelligence is said to be a self-knowledge which involves managing one’s emotions, self-motivation, and empathy. Emotional intelligence is essential to be successful in school, relationships and work.

People should have good management over their emotions. Every emotion has its own moment and importance. People usually let the anger dominate their lives because all their emotions are suppressed. In this reading, Daniel Goleman a well known psychologist insists that the goal is balance and that every feeling has its own value and significance. He also says that people high in emotional intelligence have learned how to manage their moods and not let anger, boredom, or depression ruin their days. He says that if negative activities become a problem, people can set up activities that will keep their mind distracted. I totally agree with his idea of emotional management. I believe that if people split their problems or concerns and give each one its time they can live an easier life. Actually, it is interesting when Goleman said that to have better management we can activities because I think that really works . For instance, going out with friends, watching a movie, or doing anything for distraction. When people do these these kind of activities they fe...

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...ngs verbally or even lie about them, but their nonverbal behavior will most often reveal their true feelings.“ I think when people change their mood or cry are signs that something is going wrong and we can recognize their emotions just by seeing them. I have been in the place where my friends ask me to give them advice about their relationships or their emotions and I try to be supportive, but I find it impossible to advise them when not even my emotions are clear, but that does not mean that I am not able to easily notice their concerns, sadness, problems just by looking.

People should be aware of what emotional intelligence is and the importance of practicing the management of their emotions, controlling themselves to be motivated and recognizing others emotions. I personally think that these principle are essential to succeed in school, relationships, and work.

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