Essay on Emotional Intelligence Test And Social Style

Essay on Emotional Intelligence Test And Social Style

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Nothing is ever more important than getting to know yourself. It is very important so that you can find a career that is very satisfying and rewarding. In every situation, you should always know yourself first before starting to know others. According to (Bonaparte, 2015), using your strengths in a job or service that you are doing, happiness will be attained more easily. The first step in knowing yourself is to evaluate what are your strengths and your weaknesses. There are few tests to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. They are the “Emotional Intelligence Test, Big 5 Personality Test, Myers Briggs Personality Test and Social Style.”
According to (Mayer & Salovey, 1993), emotional intelligence is defined as the type of social knowledge that involves the capacity to screen one’s own and others’ emotions, to separate among them and to utilize the data to guide one’s own thinking and actions. Emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is without a doubt, a better measure of personalities compared to intelligence quotient (IQ). Hence, this is why it is recommended to take this test. After taking the test, my results show that my top strength is empathy. According to (Ioannidou & Konstantikaki, 2008), empathy is the understanding about the emotions of other people which runs by the saying “put oneself into another’s shoes”. Basically, it means that I could feel what the other person is going through like as if I was going through it myself. This is in fact very true. Throughout my whole life, I have always been the middle person between relationships and a listener as well. My friends would tell me their problems and I would listen to them and I could feel what they were going through as if I was going through it myself. A moment ago...

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...e my conscientiousness is to start making a to-do-list for the day in the morning on everyday basis. Every time when I have an occasion to plan, I should plan it very carefully and check things thoroughly. I should start planning it as early as possible so that there will be no rush since I tend to forget things easily.
Knowing yourself is definitely the first step to be a successful person. However, all of these traits are not innate talents, instead, they are earned through learning and these traits could be worked on to achieve even greater performance. We should stop looking for the best personality type and instead, understand our traits and making the best out of it. According to (Cohen, Ornoy & Keren, 2013), one of the most influential decisions to be a successful company is to find a manager with a personality trait that matches the work he or she is doing.

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