Emotional Intelligence Has Become Popular Recently Essay

Emotional Intelligence Has Become Popular Recently Essay

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Emotional intelligence has become popular recently. Emotional intelligence involves a set of conceptually related psychological processes that include processing affective information. Among these processes include the appraisal and expression of emotions, assimilations of emotions in thoughts, understanding emotions, and regulating and managing emotions. The most widely accepted definition of emotional intelligence is “the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use the information to guide one’s thinking and actions” (Salovey & Mayer, 1990, p. 189). In a variety of occupational settings emotional self-awareness, regulating emotions in the self, social awareness of emotions and empathy, regulating emotions in others, motivational tendencies, and character are important competencies. In emotional self-awareness, it includes identification of emotion and understanding how emotions are related to one’s self. The competency of regulating emotions entails that an individual must be self-involved in order to intentionally elicit and sustain pleasant and unpleasant emotions in a real-life situation. In social awareness of emotions empathy includes awareness of other’s feelings, needs, and concerns, understanding and sympathizing with others’ emotions and responding to others’ unspoken feelings. Regulating emotions in others involves influencing others, effectively communicating with others, and managing conflicts. Motivational tendencies involve internal strivings, attributions, and the need for achievement. In the competency of character, it involves trust and integrity. In a survey of the intervention literature in the domain of management, Cherniss and Goleman (2001) conclude that interv...

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...erson shows how much of that potential they have actually realized. It’s also emotional competence that aids the learning of job-related skills which then translates emotional intelligence into on-the-job capabilities. The ability models have four major branches of assessing, identification, understanding, usage, and self-regulation. The participants will go through some self-reports to identify their own emotions and how they manage their emotions, also they will self-report different ways that they manage or handle different situations. The participants will then identify emotions in pictures, identifying the progressions of different blends of emotions that individuals in the workplace can have. The participants will also work on problem-solving through acting out skits to help identify and understand the situation and how to properly handle different situations.

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