Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI)

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Many psychologists and scientists came up with a topic that can help billions of people. The topic is Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI). Even though, the idea was put out there, not too many people know about the topic. The few that heard of EQ always misinterpret this magnificent subject. They believe that Emotional Intelligence is just recognizing emotions. Actually, Emotional Intelligence is more complex than that. Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. It also helps a person communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome obstacles, and resolve conflicts. Emotional Intelligence affects a person’s performance, physical health, and mental health.
When an individual works, his ability to accept challenges and take on manageable work and making sure that the tasks is being done in an effective and efficient way is classified as performance. A person, who has bad performance, usually comes from tiredness, the inability to recover, and/or sleep deprivation. When worrying thought sneaks into the mind, facing difficulties is hard, but instead of paying attention to the task that is at hand the mind wonders on problems like the paying of the bills, feeding the children at home, and other miscellaneous. Worrying about these assets causes a person to become overwhelmed and will cause bad performance. In a situation like this one, knowing and developing Emotional Intelligence would be crucial. Emotional Intelligence lets a person know that he is worrying too much and that if the work is done properly he will be able to get paid and pay for all those assets that have been on his mind. Also Emotional Intelligence helps a person who is overworked keep calm and thinks before any action is taken.
Emotional Intelligence has four components self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Self-awareness is the “keystone” to realizing oneself (Goleman 47). That is the first step a person who is developing this skill will take. Self-awareness is recognizing one’s own emotions. Once a person has acquired self-awareness, self-management is there to keep those strong and uncontrolled emotions in check. For example, an individual can act out of anger without thinking because the person’s strong emotion is overpowering. Once self-management is developed a person knows what to do to calm himself.
The other two components have to do with taking other’s feelings into consideration.

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Empathy is a big part of these components. It is like finding common grounds in a debate, so that none of the debaters take an offense or bring about an uproar. Social awareness is vital when creating communication between individuals. Several people do not have social awareness and because of that people behave with ignorance, stubbornness, shyness, and other reprimands. Social awareness is the understanding of other people's feelings without a big quarrel.
On numerous occasions disputes between couples happen. Sometimes couples argue about misunderstandings usually is because both lack communication. Also when adversity is presented in front of these two couples, they look for a break up or a divorce if married. Relationship management would help in a situation like this because when a person is fully aware of the problem instead of fighting and arguing or running away from the problem, they would turn to each other and try to fix the problem together. Relationship management is much more than being friendly. It is taking the worst situation possible and turning it into the best response a person can give.
Having uncontrolled emotions can lead the physical part of the body vulnerable to health problems. When a person is angry the body reacts by making the heart beat faster, the muscles tense, vessels open up so that the blood can flow easier, and cause digestion to cease. Those same actions happen when a person is stressed. Stress is one of the main factors that increase health risks. Stress is the feeling of overwhelm in physical, emotional, and mental way. Since a person’s blood pressure spikes up when he is stressed high blood pressure can be caused. Also since the heart beats faster a heart attack or a heart stroke might happen if stress is not taken care of.
Having unsettled emotions are like having to unravel a stack of shoelaces tied together. When a person does not know what is being felt in the present moment, a good choice would be to talk to someone. Some might take this advice into consideration, while others might go crazy. The best choice would be to seek help when emotions are being bottled and when there is no one to talk to. There will be a day when those bottled emotions explode into something regretful.
For example, a boy who has been bullied for quite a while decided one day not be bullied anymore. He went home went for a gun and hid the gun in his bag. Once he got to school all that anger and frustration that was coped up for days and weeks blinded him as soon as he met with the bully. He took the gun from his bag and with tears in his eyes he shot at the bully. These are the reasons for which the previous advice was given, to stop situations like this from escalating.
These wild emotions are the reason why some people’s mental health is unstable. Depression, anxiety attacks, mood swings and other conditions or disorder are caused by the wild feelings (Andersen 44). Once there is no control every cell, tissue, and muscle, also becomes unbalanced. The reason why the physical part of the body is affected is because the mental part is also affected. Just like the domino effect. Once one domino falls and hits the other, a ripple is created, resulting in all the dominoes to fall.
Stress is a major factor as it was mentioned previously. Stress is a serious feeling that needs to be well managed. If stress is not managed it will totally make a person feel discombobulated. When a person is discombobulated, a disorder called Schizophrenia might find a way to enter the unresolved mind and make life even worse to comprehend (Sternberg 54).

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