Emotional Intelligence: Can It Be Improved? Essay

Emotional Intelligence: Can It Be Improved? Essay

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As a supervisor in the military, I encountered an airman who had all the right qualifications according to the Air Force, but he was not able to complete his contracted term of six years. He survived basic training and a pretty intense two month technical school, but he only lasted two years in the Air Force before he was asked to leave. To work in the Public Affairs career field, he had to score well on the military entrance exam which means he demonstrated the cognitive abilities – a usual predictor of success. However, he was separated from the Air Force because of his poor social skills. This paper will discuss whether the airman's Emotional Intelligence (EI) could have been improved and the importance of a high EI to an organization.
Goleman (2001) believes people with a high EI exhibit competence in two areas - personal and social. The personal competence encompasses how well a person can identify and regulate their emotions, and the social competence is how well a person can identify or empathize with others' emotions and influence other people (p. 1-2). The airman who was struggling to adapt to his surroundings had come to us with problems. When he was in technical school training for his job, he struggled to successfully pass the first time around. Instructors continued to remediate him until he eventually passed after three tries. These instructors pushed the airman through but may not have taken the time to identify the root cause of his struggle. Was it a cognitive deficiency or was it also a low EI? In addition to his training setbacks, he was in the process of a divorce and facing financial problems when he arrived to his first assignment.
Tasler and Su (2009) say EI and the performance link can be seen in a stu...

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